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Leopoldstadt - PROJECTION

Wyndhams Theatre 2020


My job was to design, install and programme the video content to match and portray the era and location of the show - Vienna 1899 -1955. I worked closely with the designer Richard Hudson and the director Patrick Marber to collate imagery historical imagery which would then be projected onto gauze. Leopoldstadt for me was a mixture of creative and technical and also allowed me to introduce my passion of photography into the process.


Sing Yer Heart Out for the Lads - VIDEO DESIGNER

Chichester Festival Theatre 2019


Set in the King George Pub in the early 2000s with the backdrop of England v Germany, the last game at Wembley. We utilised match footage, provided to us by the FA and timed it to the pace of the action. The video was created to run in sync with the play and was regularly interspersed with the use of 3 live cameras and pre-recorded visuals to match the the feel of the original game.



National Theatre 2019


My job was to film, edit and recreate Super 8 family film footage to be projected on the back wall of the set. In an ultra realistic world, the challenge was to make the modern film feel of the era and emote the nostalgia that we all associate with classic family films.



Chichester Festival Theatre 2019



National Theatre 2019


I was approached by the National Theatre late in the process of Top Girls rehearsals. The brief was to create and implement content while various scene changes took place throughout the show. I would sit in on rehearsals and work along side the Director and Designer to come up with transitions that best suited the show. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed having the chance to bring creativity back into my work. This is something I hope to do more of as I continue with future projects.

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