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Capturing Excellence: Filming the Marriott Award of Excellence Promo in Lagos, Nigeria

Filming a promo video for the Marriott Award of Excellence at the Marriott Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria, was an experience I'll never forget. As we touched down in Lagos, the warm, humid air enveloped us, a stark contrast to the cooler climate we had left behind. The weather in Lagos was typical for this time of year—hot and intense, with the sun blazing down on us every day.

Despite the heat, the local community was incredibly welcoming. From the hotel staff to the people we met around the city, everyone greeted us with smiles and warmth. Their hospitality made our work much easier and added a personal touch to the video we were creating. The Marriott Hotel in Lagos itself was stunning, a perfect backdrop for showcasing the prestige of the Marriott Award of Excellence.

However, the journey was not without its challenges. Traveling with film equipment is never easy, and doing so in Lagos presented its own set of hurdles. Navigating through the bustling streets with our gear was a logistical puzzle. Ensuring nothing was lost or damaged required constant vigilance, and the local customs procedures tested our patience.

Our schedule was packed, leaving little room for rest. Working on minimal sleep, we powered through each day, driven by the desire to capture the best footage possible. The fatigue set in quickly, and coupled with the relentless heat, it took a toll on us. I personally experienced a bout of heat stroke, which was a stark reminder of the importance of staying hydrated and taking breaks—even when under tight deadlines.

Yet, these challenges were overshadowed by the incredible shots we were able to capture. The hotel's luxurious interiors, the vibrant energy of Lagos, and the genuine smiles of the people made for compelling footage. Each frame told a story of excellence, resonating with the award we were there to celebrate.

In the end, the promo video was more than just a project—it was a testament to resilience and collaboration. Despite the hurdles, we created something truly special. The Marriott Award of Excellence promo video was a success, showcasing not only the award but also the spirit of Lagos and its people. As I look back on this journey, I feel a deep sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the experience.




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